Building on our past to create a legacy for our future

Connecting our environmental and social history to today's issues.

Don't Forget! Take part in the Speakers Series! The call for proposals is now open!

We need your help.

We have begun planning for our 2013 South Mountain Speakers Series- a program that has drawn over 1,500 interested citizens in the last two years. The theme of the Speakers Series is "engaging with the past to protect the future- connecting our social and environmental history to today's issues."

To get an idea of Speakers Series events, check out the 2012 event schedule below.

Click the picture to the left or the link below to send your proposals our way! Speakers Series All Call Survey.

You may also contact Lisa regarding your ideas for an event:
Lisa Brayda
Community Outreach Coordinator
South Mountain Partnership- Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Phone: 717.258.5771
Mobile: 845.521.1973

We look forward to hearing your ideas and thank you for helping us make the upcoming Speakers Series events amazing! Check out the list of Speakers Series Events happening this 2012 year to kick-start some ideas.